"I heard about the properties of "cacao" or cocoa on a tv show a few months ago, but this is my first time actually trying skin care products with it. I must say that the experience has been extremely satisfying so far. I tried the cocoa-honey cream and I like the feeling that it delivers on my skin.... really smooth and yummy smell"

— Wanda Smith, New York, New York

I was kind of interested in the organic trend and I tried a couple of products before. I don't know that much about the process but I learned recently about the benefits of using organic ingredients. I'm trying the shampoo and am happy with the results. I've heard that other shampoos actually dry out your hair more than they give nourishment, but this actually seems to do the opposite. Thanks

— Jenny Ching, Los Angeles, CA

I found this brand of products while researching for my latest trip to the Yucatan Peninsula. I have been there a couple of times and I'm fascinated with the culture, so I ordered the aloe vera sun burn treatment and a cocoa honey lotion (I have tried chocolate there too on one my trips... awesome!!)... Now I'm back from my trip after using the aloe vera cream and I'm happy that I got the products on time!!

— Cheryl Holloway, Little Rock, Arkansas

OK.... I'm reordering the 100% cocoa ... I admit it, my GF introduced me to this last winter and it was great for my skin cause I spent a lot of time working outdoors and my skin gets really dry and cracked, especially around my hands. My only issue is that the smell makes me crave chocolate.

— Jason Bundy, Buffalo, New York

I bought the anti-stretch mark cream for my pregnant friend Rose. She's now on her second child, but after having the first told me that she tried a cream that was supposed to get rid of the marks, and there were no results... After researching and finding your product I learned that there is no product on the market that can actually get rid of stretch marks, but there are ways to prevent them. This cream of Organica Pure is prevention oriented and Rose is liking it a lot... thanks alot :-)

— Emily Peterson, Atlanta, Georgia

Love the Aloe Vera & Honey line of products. I have to try the Cocoa line after I finish these body lotions. Very excited!!!

— Jennifer Stenton, Los Angeles, California

I like products with organic ingredients, I understand that Organica doesn't produce the ingredients but is good to know that get's them from producers that have non harmful techniques of harvesting. I contacted them for further information and I got a really comprehensive response for which I'm really happy.

— Ruth Rivers, Oakland, California