Shipping Information

  1. All orders are typically shipped same day (if your order is placed between 12:01AM and 2:00PM EST) otherwise your order will be shipped out within 1 business day of payment, unless there is a complication with your order or it's a holiday - in which case we'll send out an email and notify you. Orders that are pre-ordered will be sent out as soon as they land.
  2. Orders unfortunately can't be shipped during weekends (Saturday and Sunday) - as the post office is usually closed.
  3. Domestic deliveries (USA) typically take 2-7 business days.
  4. Orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service.
  5. We ship internationally to all countries currently allowed to ship to by the United States.
  6. International deliveries typically take 5-10 business days to most countries. However, Customs clearance does not adhere to any time frame, and can prolong delivery.
  7. Unfortunately Customs Agencies can take a while to process shipments. It's not uncommon for them to take up to or beyond a month during busy / high volume seasons (think the Holidays). Neither Bolt & Stone nor the shipping carrier have control over the length of time it takes to clear Customs.
  8. There is no tracking information available for international deliveries - as it simply doubles the shipping rate. We figured you wouldn't want this to happen.
  9. Customs charges may apply depending on country. Usually this will depend on the price of the goods.
  10. No refunds or returns will be accepted for Customs fees paid or refusal of package by not accepting Customs fees.
  11. Please allow for longer processing times during/after holidays, sales or special events.
  12. We do not guarantee arrival of shipments in time for any holidays, birthdays, etc. Again, guaranteed packages would cost an arm and a leg - and would significantly increase the cost of our items. IF for some reason you absolutely, 100% NEED to have a product sent overnight - reach out to us and we'll make it happen. In this case you will be responsible for all additional shipping charges that may occur. Also please note that in these circumstances, once the package is with the shipping carrier, we don't control it - so even in this case, we can't guarantee that a package will arrive at the scheduled time.
  13. Unless you purchase shipping insurance at checkout - we do not assume responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged packages in the mail. Unfortunately we don't control the shipping process and can only do our best to ensure that the shipping carrier picks up your package on time. IF you would like to purchase shipping insurance please do so at the checkout. Any/all claims should be directed to the carrier - as they will take care of your insurance claim. If something like this happens to you, please contact us so we can help you and work with you to solve the problem.