About Product

What types of certifications do you have?

Organica Pure works with suppliers in Central America that obtain the ingredients under organic harvesting techniques. Some of the organizations that certify some of our suppliers are Certification of Environmental Standards (CERES), Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA).

Are Organica Pure products phthalate free?

Yes! Organica Pure is phthalate free. We do not believe in these type of synthetic compounds and so, they are not used in any Organica Pure product.

I am allergic to peanuts. Should I be concerned about the nutshell used in Organica Pure's products?

No. The nutshells used in some of our products (ie. Body scrubs) are meant to be used as natural organic exfoliants for your skin. They contain no nut oils of any kind. However, if you're unsure about the reaction you may get, please double check with your health provider about this matter.

Are there any Organica Pure products that contain alcohol?

The only Organica Pure product that contains alchohol is The Body Splash from the Cocoa & Honey line. We used food-grade ethyl alcohol (ethanol) develop from grain, fruit or vegetables. The way our Body Splash is formulated avoids any side effects of dry skin due to a careful development process to obtain the final product. In the future if there's any other products containing alcohol, it will be listed here.

About Product

What is the "parfum" or "fragrance" listed in your ingredients? Is it natural?

The ingredients used to scent our products are pure essential oil scent blends. No synthetic ingredients are used to scent Organica Pure products. International regulations require that ingredients used to scent our products have to be listed as "Fragrance" or "Parfum". Our products are scented exclusively with the purest, highest quality essential oils.

Are the main ingredients Organic?

Yes! Organica Pure focuses efforts on obtaining the main ingredients from organic sources.

Are the ingredients Biodynamic?

We believe that our main ingredients have to be obtained by ecological and socially responsible means. We're committed to supporting producers and distributors of organic ingredients - but have not at this time encountered biodynamic suppliers. So, biodynamic, a form of farming that is very similar to organic farming is not used at this time. If in the future there is a product from biodynamic source they will be listed here.