Top Tips for Creating an Organic Skincare Lifestyle

What is the organic skincare lifestyle? Well, along with organic skincare or natural based skincare products there are a number of things you can do to help maintain that healthy skin glow. We’re about to cover some of our top high-level tips.

Understand Your Skin

Your skin is a natural sponge which absorbs, and soaks up most of the microscopic substances that it comes into contact with. This is a good thing. That process allows us to heal, create new skin and eliminate conditions such as stretch marks, scars or other skin blemishes.

The challenge is, if we don’t treat it as an important process we can run the risk of doing more damage than good. Which is where the organic skincare products come into effect.

Understand that our skin is an organ, and that it’ll soak up as much of what we put on it as possible. Knowing this it's also important to understand that over time, if we opt for chemical heavy products they'll get absorbed into our body. In the long run, this may create problems, skin damage or even toxic deposits in our body.

The industry still doesn't know what types of effects this could have, so we, being the health-conscious babes that you are, opt to reduce our chemical exposure wherever we can. When it comes to choosing skincare products, organic skin care products make for a much healthier alternative.

Health Skin Needs a Healthy Dose of Water

Drink lots of water every day to keep your skin looking healthy. Water plays a major role in cleansing the body of toxins – toxins which negatively affect your skin health. They say that the recommend daily water intake is about eight glasses of water each day (approximately 2L). At this amount your body will have all that it needs to clear out toxins and prevent the accumulation of more toxins.

We however think that it really depends on your activity level, your body composition and your size. You may need far more water depending on all of these things. Do check with a Doctor before you decide to go to any extreme. But also start to get to know your body. If you feel like your activity levels are high, you might want to opt for a glass or two more.

Minimize Direct Exposure to the Sun

We are beach babes as much as we’re organic babes. And while we love a good beach visit and a great tan we know that overdoing it has really negative consequences for your skin. We hate to say it, but direct exposure to the sun for long periods of time leads to the development of wrinkles and visible ageing spots. Think about using skin protection or organic skincare products to shield your skin from the sun when going outside during the day. Ultimately you’ll have to find a balance between enjoying those warm rays, and maintaining a healthy skin glow.

Budget Babe? Experiment with DIY Organic Skincare Products

Aside from going with organic based skin care products (shameless plug for us of course) you can, if you’re on a budget – opt for your own DIY organic skincare products. Some even complement the skincare products that we offer. We recommend doing a good old Google search to find the formulas with the ingredients that you want to use. By using readily available ingredients from the local grocery story you’ll end up creating complimentary products that match our own. ;)

Proper Exercise and Diet

Skin health is certainly connected to your overall health and wellbeing. And so, without sounding like your Mom, we’re obligated to say that if you want to have healthy skin, you’ll need to maintain a healthy diet – and exercise regularly. Why? Well, your skin is an organ, so aside from feeding it powerful fuel (from eating healthy) you’ll want to exercise to open your pores and sweat out toxins.

And of course...

Use Organic Based & Natural Skincare Products

The first step to rehabilitating your skin after years of abuse from harmful synthetic products is to turn to natural skin care products. We’d recommend going through your stock skin care products and reading the labels. Of course, budget is always a concern, so start by swapping out the products that have the most synthetic agents – and using the alternative organic, natural based skincare products. In general your skin and body as a whole is better equipped to deal with natural products, and any chemical that is made up of naturally occurring ingredients.

We’d recommend starting with Organica Pure of course – but there are many awesome brands to explore on the market.


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