Making the Call: Synthetic vs Organic Based Skincare

Babe, we know you have things to do so we’ll get right to it. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider making the switch from chemical based skincare products – over to organic and natural based skincare products. And we know, the good-for-you-stuff sometimes costs a bit more – but there’s good reason why. Sure, you may not be on a Kardashian level just yet, so if prefer not to go all-natural for everything, here are a few reasons that we hope will help you consider making the switch for some of your more critical products.

Organic Skincare Products Prevent Irritation

Cosmetic Products sold by the bigger companies commonly have additives and other chemical ingredients in them. These unfortunately, can cause negative reactions to our skin. The reaction range from mild or sever irritation to longer term skin conditions. Organic skincare on the other hand is derived from organic plants, minerals and other ingredients. You may have a reaction still but typically organic materials will work better with your skin rather than against it. (do check with your Doctor if you’re allergic to substances, or if you’re unsure about something)

Organic Skincare has Little to No Side Effects

One of the most beneficial factors of organic skin care is that they’re safe to use on our skin. Now, we’re not Doctors, so again, we highly recommend that you check with your Doctor about any types of skin allergies you might have. But, according to the experts, many synthetic cosmetic product contain parabens. You’ve probably heard about them already. Well their used to prolong the shelf-life of the beauty product. This is good for biz, but not good for your bod. Unfortunately, while these chemicals may prolong the shelf-life of a product, studies suggest that they may decrease the shelf-life, and affect our endocrine system. This is the system responsible for your hormones, growth, mood, development and even sex drive – all functions we don’t want to play around with that.

Organic Skincare Products Won't Affect Your Olfactory Nerve

Have you ever noticed those signs in the gym that say “Please don’t wear perfume or use products with a scent”. Yeah we know, no one listen's to those things anyway, but there may be good reason why they say that.

Products with chemicals often contain scent concealing agents, or other artificial flavors to mask the strong smell of the chemicals. This can not only cause allergic reactions in some people, but it may also damage your olfactory nerve (the nerve responsible for smelling) if used over time.

Some people even experience dizziness or headaches after using synthetic product. And the way we see it, if it’s that powerful, you probably don’t want it seeping into your skin.

Organic Skin Care on the other hand will typically have the scent of the natural ingredient. We know, sometimes this isn’t the most pleasant. So, instead of synthetic compounds, essential oils, or organic derived enhancers are used to help accentuate the scent of the organic beauty product. The good thing, it’s not a synthetic agent that’ll damage your bod.

Organic Skincare Products are Eco-Friendly

Synthetic beauty products can create a negative effect in our environment. More recently we’ve been hearing about the coral reef dying because of too much sunscreen in the ocean. Or Ocean life being affected by the tiny little scrub balls that are found in toothpaste, body washes or face scrubs.

By their nature, synthetic agents are often manufactured by with or by heavy chemicals that release toxins in the air. The remnants of these chemical ingredients are flushed down into the water supply and which start to affect the ecosystem. Beyond that, as we’ve mentioned above, synthetic chemical agents could take decades to break down – meaning that they’ll cause harm and damage to plant and animal life until they decompose

Again on the flip side, when it comes to organic skin care, manufacturing and farming are done naturally, where the amount of substance released in the air is only minimal.

Overall, we’re not saying that you should never ever ever use synthetic products. The choice is really up to you. We just hope that where you can, when you can, you opt for something that not only works well, but is both better for your bod and better for the environment.

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