OMG You'll Never Believe How Rediculiously Good-For-You Cocoa Butter Is

It's Packed with Healing Benefits

By now you’ve almost certainly heard that 100% cocoa butter is great for your skin. One of the bases for chocolaty goodness, it’s one of the reasons why we find it in so many skincare applications from ointments and creams to other cosmetic products. But, while there are benefits to having it in your skincare products, if you really, truly want to get the most benefits of 100% cocoa butter, it’s best to use a 100% natural based cocoa butter. Here are just some of the reasons why cocoa butter should be on your list of household skincare products:


Cocoa Butter has Insane Anti-Aging Effects

We know, it’s sometimes scary to get older. But while we can’t reverse the aging process (maybe, hopefully, someone out there is working on this?) we can significantly reduce the signs of aging – the fine lines, wrinkles and other skin marks that come with aging gracefully. Cocoa butter is one of the best ways to do that. Why? It has very high amounts of antioxidants. To top it off it includes good-for-you, naturally occurring properties that help regenerate and protect your skin. These scary sounding terms (like stearic acid, oleic acid, and palmitic acid) actually help to fight free radicals on the skin by reducing oxidative stress. For the science babes out there – you’ll know exactly how that process works. Battling free radicals is just one of the ways 100% cocoa butter can help.


Cocoa Butter Reduces Inflammation

So many of us have skin inflammation from time to time. As you know, skin is the largest organ and is constantly exposed to the elements – wear and tear, blemishes and irritations sometimes happen. Sometimes we see these as rashes, eczema, psoriasis or any other type of inflammation. Well the healing properties of 100% cocoa butter can help give your skin fast, soothing relief. Now there are other types of products that can do similar things (like Aloe Vera Gel) but 100% cocoa butter has some unique healing properties that generally come from the rich mixture of antioxidants and fatty acids.


Cocoa Butter is a Brilliantly Effective Moisturizer

100% Cocoa butter is one of the most effective moisturizers you can use for your skin. It brilliantly moisturizes deeper than most other products. Again, with 100% cocoa butter there are no other ingredients. Like, literally nothing. So it’s a very safe way to moisturize and help keep your skin supple, glowing and soft.


Cocoa Butter can Reduce Blemishes & Scars

When the skin gets damaged beyond just irritation – for instance when you get a scratch or cut - the part of the skin that is most affected is the dermis. For us non-science babes, this is the part of your skin that you can see – and goes down a few layers. So when you get a scratch or cut, your bod produces more collagen to help in healing and repairing the area. This new skin is a bit different – because it’s healing after an injury. You can tell the difference as it shows up as a scar or blemish. Well, remember all of those antioxidants, good-for-you fatty acids, and other healing properties of 100% cocoa butter? Yup, your bod will soak these up and your skin will start to heal itself.


Cocoa Butter is a Stretch Mark Savior

When our skin stretches out, due to rapid weight gain, loss or also pregnancy, we can sometimes get stretch marks. If your skin didn’t stretch, it would tear (gross right) and your bod would be exposed to all sorts of bad stuff. So, instead, your bod, the smart cookie it is, allows the middle skin layer to break down and stretch quickly. This causes pink or read glossy streaks to form on the surface of the skin. 100% cocoa butter can help treat stretch marks. Here’s how it works:

Remember that part above when we talked about how the middle skin layer breaks down and stretches quickly – causing stretch marks? Well the skin depends on moisture retaining elasticity to keep it looking soft and feeling great. 100% cocoa butter – being the awesomely rich natural ingredient it is – works wonders in the moisturizing department. Its rich composition moisturizes the skin and penetrates deep into stretch marks – providing your skin for the much needed fuel it requires to heal. Yes, you can totally reduce the signs of stretch marks this way.

Are there other benefits of using 100% cocoa butter? Of course babe! This is just our Top 5 list. Cocoa Butter is one of Mother natures little miracles and gifts.

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