5 Reasons Why You Need Cocoa Butter On Your Bathroom Counter

Well, not literally ON your counter, you'd need to clean that up. But you should 100% have it as one of the products on your counter. Here's why:

Over the last few years there’s been a rise in popularity of natural and organic products. This, is a good thing. We’re loving the trend. Cocoa butter just happens to be one of those products that has risen with the tide. Like a surfing babe rockin the waves of this rising trend, you’ll find cocoa butter in raw form, as 100% cocoa butter, as lotion and mixed in with creams.

But why has it grown in such popularity? What do other babes know that you might not? Well, here’s the down and dirty on why cocoa butter has taken off the way it did. Here’s to surfin the trend of natural, organic goodness.


Cocoa Butter is full of antioxidants

One of the major reasons that cocoa butter is in, like just about every awesome natural skin care products is because of the amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants – those little fighters that can help you on the inside – can also help your beautiful skin on the outside. See the antioxidants that are found in cocoa butter help the skin combat free radicals and other environmental stressors (toxins, regular wear and tear and more), which can cause many of the signs of aging.


Cocoa Butter Helps Sensitive Skin 

It’s great for babes with sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, you should totally try cocoa butter. Sure, you can try the many moisturizers on the market that have cocoa butter as the main ingredient – but we would recommend going for the 100% stuff, or something close. Any way you play it, moisturizers with cocoa butter as a main ingredient, or the 100% cocoa butter are great for healing skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, and many other skin issues. If you have sensitive skin, and have been trying to find a product that works well for you, this is worth a shot.




Cocoa Butter Helps Get Rid of Scars

Along with being able to help with skin conditions, cocoa butters healing properties can do so much more. Remember those tiny antioxidant fighters that are in cocoa butter? We’ll they’re also able to help you battle stretch marks and scars. With the regular use of cocoa butter, your regeneration time will be accelerated. And it doesn’t matter if the scar is from a cut, acne, is a stretch mark or if it’s just a discolored area of the skin - cocoa butter can help lighten or make the spot disappear. Why? Well the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes that are in cocoa butter will penetrate the outter layer of your skin, and help your body heal.


Makes your shave like 100x better

If you want your shaves to be smoother, and not have dry or itchy skin afterwards, try cocoa butter. There are premixed shave products with cocoa butter on the market, or you can use just plain ol’ cocoa butter to shave with. I know right, who woulda thought? The cocoa butter is able to provide a smooth shave that is less irritating since the butter is moistening the skin at the same time as it’s providing lubricant. You can also remember this trick in those emergencies – when you totally run out of your favorite shaving product.


You'll smell good enough to eat

One of the things that we love about cocoa butter is the smell. Sure, it the smell doesn’t do anything for your bod. But it just might do something for your mind. No one wants to leave the house smelling bad right? We thought the same thing too. So we had to mention it on the list here. Delectable smell is another one of the benefits of cocoa butter.


Overall - 100% cocoa butter is one of our go-to skincare options

Cocoa butter has a lot of benefits for the skin, and that is why many skin care products now have this ingredient. Pure, 100% cocoa butter is the best for most babes, but you can get it in so many different forms these days - oil, cream, and butter form. Each form has its own optimal use, from the amazing amounts of regenerative power to the delectable smell. Whatever you chose, know that cocoa butter will help give your skin that healthy glow.

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