our top 5 bath & body organic skin care products

facial cleansers

aloe & honey
deep facial cleanser

$17.00 250ml


100% cocoa body butter
body butter

$22.00 300gr


aloe vera & honey
body wash

$16.00 250ml


aloe vera & honey
organic shampoo

$17.00 250ml


cocoa & honey
anti-stretch mark lotion

$15.00 250ml


our organic ingredients:

OrganicaPure products harness the benefits of three simple but powerful ingredients: Cocoa, Honey and Aloe Vera, all harvested from Mexico's renowned fertile southern region. We believe our main ingredients have to be obtained by ecological and socially responsible means. We go through a rigorous process of identifying producers and distributors who meet our criteria of our highest standards.

The ingredients are harvested in an area rich in natural resources and recognized for producing the best quality Cocoa, Aloe Vera and Honey around the world. The results achieved when mixing these ingredients is a superior line of skin care nutrition that we believe enhance the youthfulness of our skins.

organic skin care review

"I heard about the properties of "cacao" or cocoa on a tv show a few months ago, but this is my first time actually trying organic skin care products with it. I must say that the experience has been extremely satisfying so far. I tried the cocoa-honey cream and I like the feeling that it delivers on my skin.... really smooth and yummy smell"
Wanda Smith - New York, New York

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